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We aim to provide a high standard of lashes that can be worn numerous times with comfort and satisfaction.


Our brand’s focus is creating cosmetics that suit every style. We believe in providing high quality products for every eye shape that are gorgeous, effortless, and comfortable, so you can spend less time looking in a mirror and more time looking fabulous. Our products are designed to be worn numerous times and be easy to care for. Many of our lashes are designed with up to three layers to provide striking volume. Key to the look our lashes provide is the backlash band which creates an eyeliner effect, making the eyes extra bold for a heavy makeup look. Boss Lady Beaute’s intelligent website allows you to virtually try-on our lashes in real time to find the look that’s right for you, whether you’re going for sophisticated and classy, or seductive and sexy.


Nicole and Tamara are the joint founders of Boss Lady Beauté. They aspire to create quality products that enhance every look. Inspired by their extremely busy schedules, they envisioned easier and more practical ways to have a unique look for every occasion without compromising beauty. Their collective passion for the beauty industry and their shared vision triggered the creation of Boss Lady Beaute, where they work together to bring this vision to life.

A philanthropist for over two decades, Nicole aimed for a conservative look styled through formal business attire but in recent years has transitioned to an elegant, hip, and fresh look. This transition was influenced by her involvement in the music industry as an artist manager and senior executive of the Boss Lady Muzik Inc., record label.

A swimsuit model since her teenage years, Tamara has a considerable breadth of experience with the challenge of achieving different looks, experience she brings to bear when judging the quality and utility of cosmetic products.

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