Lash Extensions vs. Individual Lashes: Everything You Need to Know

Lash Extensions vs. Individual Lashes: Everything You Need to Know - Boss Lady Beauté

Like it is said, eyes are the openings to your soul, you would want people to view the beauty when they look into them. Furthermore, because your eyes are the major point of focus of your face, putting in the time and energy to improve them is well worth it.

The use of false eyelashes is one method that guarantees to improve the appearance of your eyes. The fact that a first impression can be made without even saying anything is a reason good enough for anyone to think about getting false lashes. A woman’s femininity is enhanced when her eyes are framed by gorgeous, thick, long eyelashes. They make the eyes appear larger, more alert, spectacular, and alluring.

How to Choose Between Individual Lashes vs Extensions?

The decision among individual lashes vs. extensions can surely be a difficult one but don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This decision depends upon several factors and is highly personal. However, if you sit back and think about it rationally, lash extensions would last much longer than individual lashes. So, if you want vivid lashes which last far longer, lash extensions are for you.

However, some individuals may only require eyelash extensions for a particular occasion like a wedding or a party. In that case, you should probably go with individual lashes rather than extensions.

What is the Difference Between Individual lashes and Extensions?

To understand the difference between individual lashes and extensions, one must understand what are individual lashes and what are extensions.

Individual lashes are not individual in the true sense. They are groups of lashes that are applied to your eyes to enhance your appearance. Individual lashes are less expensive and less permanent than lash extensions. These can be easily applied by the individual, even by those who are beginners, these lashes are simple to apply and remove.

As the name suggests eyelash extensions are extensions to the current natural eyelashes. They grow in sync with the life cycle of your natural eyelashes upon application. One distinguishing feature is that lash extensions can take a bit of time to be applied and this process should only be done by qualified lash artists to make sure they are done correctly. This means that lash extensions are marginally more expensive than individual lashes, but what makes them worth the investment is the fact that they have a longer life cycle.

Individual Lashes vs Extensions: Are they Safe?

Now that we understand the difference between individual lashes and extensions, the big question arises, are they safe? The answer is yes.

Lash extensions are perfectly safe when the person gets them applied by a qualified professional. When applying for lash extensions, use of medical-grade tape and hypoallergenic gel pads must be made to minimize the chances of irritation or adverse reaction. When lash extensions are perfectly applied by trained professionals they are mostly undetectable which makes them look very natural and stunning. When it comes to individual lash, they are safe if used sparingly. However, be wary of using these regularly. The weight of individual lashes, which are generally piled on top of each other, and the glue that holds them to your eyelids can cause certain minor side effects. Heavy dependence and over-application of individual lashes can lead to lash loss.

Individual Lashes vs. Extensions: Which is Best for You?

Both individual lashes and extensions have their set of pros and cons. And depending upon an individual’s requirement, a definite choice can be made between what works better for you. The best part about extensions is that when applied correctly by a professional they look remarkably natural and free you from the trouble of applying the glue over and over again to place the false lashes. Moreover, these extensions last long when they are cared for properly. On the other hand, individual lashes are easy to apply, but they do take some amount of practice and patience. Moreover, they are very easily available and quite affordable. Also, you can arrange them on your eye to create various looks, they can be placed to create a cat-eye or a natural look easily. If you don’t wish to apply too many lashes, use very few and save them for later.


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