Do’s And Dont’s Of Eyelash Extensions

Do’s And Dont’s Of Eyelash Extensions - Boss Lady Beauté

Eyelash Extensions: Dos and Don’ts

The eyes are one of the first things people notice about you, so having beautiful long, full lashes all the time is a blessing. This is where eyelash extensions come in; they will always make your lashes appear long, full, and fluttery. Unlike fake eyelash strips, lash extensions allow you to wake up each morning with empress lashes with really no effort. There are several eyelash extensions dos and don’ts that can help you preserve your lash extensions in good shape.

Do’s for Eyelash Extension Care

  • Seek the services of a professional lash artist
    Amongst the list of eyelash extensions dos and don’ts one of the very first things to do when getting lash extensions is to consult with a qualified professional. Lash specialists have been instructed to apply for lash extensions safely while keeping your natural lashes healthy in mind. To avoid infection, your specialist will use germ-free tools on you, and after the process is completed, it must be washed with disinfectant. If you have any reservations about the technician’s qualifications, request to see their certification and registration. The majority of salons will gladly show you the certificate.
  • Do not get your lashes wet immediately after application
    The curing time for lash adhesive is now four hours, whereas it was previously more than 24 hours. Lash adhesives have greatly improved in recent years. It is critical that you do not allow your extensions to become wet or heated during this time. You can get the glue wet once it has cured.
  • Keep cleaning your lashes.
    Our eyes blink to extract ocular secretions, but it is almost imperceptible during the day. When you don’t blink while sleeping, this mucus can build up and cause rheumatoid arthritis or eye gunk. If you don’t thoroughly clean your eyelashes after waking, the gunk can build up and clog your lash follicles and oil passages. It can inhibit natural lash growth and ultimately lead to lash mites. That is why, every day, you must rinse your eyelashes with a mild cleanser after working out, swimming, taking a bath, and washing.
  • Brush the eyelashes
    After a long or windy day, it is usual for lash extensions to intertwine or become messed up. That’s why you should always have a spoolie or mascara wand on hand. This restricts natural lashes from growing in the wrong direction and reduces stress on your lashes.

What are the Don’ts When it Comes to Eyelash Extension Care

  • Wear no makeup to your appointment
    If you arrive at the salon with eye makeup on, the lash technician will make you remove it before the session can begin. You will miss some of the time allotted for your appointment. Thus, it is best to arrive at the salon without makeup so that the lash technician can easily cleanse and prime your eyelashes.
  • Sleeping on your stomach is not a good idea
    Sleeping decorum while wearing lash extensions is an important factor in determining how long your lash extensions will last. Sleep on your back rather than your stomach, which squishes your lashes.
  • Avoid hot treatments
    Because heat is known to be harmful to lash extensions, it is best to avoid hot treatments such as steam baths, saunas, while wearing extensions. Short bursts of steam and sauna aren’t dangerous, but continued exposure is.
  • You shouldn’t rub your eyes
    Amongst the eyelash extensions, dos and don’ts rubbing your eyes in a harsh manner with your hands are considered bad because it can cause them to fall out during the application process. When wearing lash extensions, avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands or napkins.
  • To clean your lashes, avoid using harsh chemicals
    When wearing fake eyelashes, avoid using anything abrasive to clean them, such as cotton pads or wipes. Instead, use lint-free makeup remover pads to complete the task.

Because eyelash extensions are expensive, you may be tempted to make them last as long as possible. However, eyelash extensions are shed along with your natural lashes. However, by following the eyelash extensions dos and don’ts you can broaden their life cycle. In terms of aftercare, cleaning and brushing lashes should be done on a daily basis, in addition to following proper sleeping decorum to avoid squeezing your extensions.


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